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Here we would like to introduce you to our network of surfers, photographers and other companies that help us to realize SIEVE. We are happy about the exchange and the cooperation with the wonderful people who contribute to SIEVE with their ideas and their energy. A huge thank you to you! 


Tell stories with their pictures, which inspire and

create wonderful shots with a lot of love and a special eye for detail. 


Picture by Siriwan


Meet Siriwan

Sometimes mermaid, sometimes surfer, most of the time photographer and junior graphic designer. She is a fashion, surf and lifestyle photographer from the UK.

Siri has shot some beautiful series of our Finns in the south of Portugal and in Sri Lanka. She has an incredible eye for people and moments.

IG: siriwanchmprn


Marina A. Mantolan

From a young age Marina had a close relationship with the water. Always with camera in hand, Marina discovered her love for surfing and travel photography when she decided to leave her life in Spain and go to Australia. Since then she has traveled the world working as a travel journalist and photographer. 

She is also an entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of My Serendipity Retreats: surf and yoga retreats for women organized in different parts of the world. Today she works as a digital nomad for a marketing company and lives near the waves, where she is happy and finds her inspiration. 

IG: marinamantolan



Benji has been surfing since 2017. What started as a pastime during his time as a teamer in France at a sufrcamp has now become a permanent part of his life. Since the winter of 2017, he can also be seen regularly at Munich's Eisbach. Besides surfing, Benji is also an avid musician and releases his own music under the name Benji Holiday. Born in Munich, he tries to represent Sieve Fins at the Munich Eisbach and is always up for a nice chat.

IG: benjiholiday



I'm Marvin, a passionate surfer from Germany who has been taking photos for a few years now. I mainly focus on people having outdoor adventures and everything related to surfing!

IG: mrjmarv



Put inspiring ideas into practice. We are happy about the exchange and joint projects.

Sieve Twin Fins an Polyola Blank Foto von @hansmaxx


manufactures sustainable surfboard blanks. They have developed a new, more sustainable material for surfboard blanks that is 100% recyclable. 


Land&Sea is developing a fitness mat made from 98% old neos that is 100% recyclable again at the end of its life. 

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