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#respectyourtrash. We believe plastic is a valuable material and it's time to treat it as such.


We believe plastic is a valuable material and not waste. It is important that we use plastic wisely if we want to prevent it from entering our oceans, soils and food chains. Initially plastic was a fairly expensive material when it came into use in the 1950's. However, with ever cheaper production methods and mass consumption, plastic became more and more a fast moving waste product. 


And even though most people around us nowadays realize that we have a major plastic problem, global production of plastic continues to rise. The material is just too light, too cheap and too practical. We believe that only if we manage to develop circular products that can be returned to a closed loop production, we can prevent more and more plastic from ending up in our rivers, oceans and food chains. Plastic as a material needs to be valued more - #respectyourtrash.

Plastik am Strand




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Our Engagement

Our plastic problem is huge and it takes many actors to get closer to a solution. Nevertheless, we want to contribute a small part to the solution.  This is why we donate a part of our proceeds to the organization Everwave is committed to closing the plastic cycle. The focus: waste collection - recycling - environmental education. 
On worldwide Cleanup Missions with their innovative river platform HiveX and the efficient trash collection boat CollectiX, tons of trash are collected. We think everwave's approach is great and are happy to support this great project.


We also organize clean ups, for example in cooperation with NOVA University in Portugal. In the future, we want to do even more for the sensible use of plastic and recycling. Therefore we are always looking for ideas and exciting cooperations. So feel free to contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Her you can read more about our story and our values.

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