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But how did we come up with the idea to produce sustainable surf fins from plastic? And how did we develop this idea into an actual product?


The story of SIEVE begins several years ago on a beach in Denmark when Sebastian collects plastic that has washed up on the shore. He then started to think about how to prevent plastic from getting into our oceans in the first place. And so he starts to form the idea of making some of his own surfing equipment, the surf fins, from recycled plastic himself, to offer a sustainable alternative to conventional surf fins and to advocate for the responsible use of plastic.

Plastik am Strand






With a lot of passion and commitment, Sebastian pursues his idea of producing sustainable surf fins from recycled plastic. The first prototype is produced by hand on a small machine on his roof terrace.

It becomes clear: the idea works. However, a more professional manufacturing process is neededd to produce fins with the desired quality.



In the search for the right production partner, we come across the company Reichle GmbH. From the very beginning they are willing to support us with a lot of expertise, creativity and production resources. Thus, an exciting cooperation between industry and start-up emerges, which makes it possible to realize the idea of SIEVE. Together we designed, developed and implemented our surf fins. In addition, Reichle's expertise in laser texture enabled us to develop a unique surface design for the surf fins. SIEVE was also supported by Reichle during production and was able to produce the first surf fins on their in-house injection molding machine. 

Reichle GmbH Sieve Fins Design
Sebastian Sieve Fins


This is how an idea, a product, a team, a company has grown. Currently we produce our sustainable Single Fin, Thruster Fins and Twin Fins. But we already have many new ideas and are constantly developing Sieve. 


If you want to know more about our founding and development, listen to the Surf Talk Podcast episode (only German). Here we tell you more about the idea and the development of Sieve.

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