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From the beginning it was important to us to define our values. They form the foundation for every decision.


Product philosophy:


We believe in products that

  • are of high quality

  • are actually needed

  • produced locally

  • connect us to nature

  • are timeless in their design.



These are the criteria we apply in product selection & development.

SIEVE Plastik Surf Finnen recyclet



We believe in responsible consumption. Therefore, we ask you to consider whether you really need this product before you buy it. For this reason, we also offer individual replacement fins. Reduce, recycle, repair.

Community & Interaction


We know that our products can only contribute a small part to the solution. We believe much more can come from interaction and collaboration. You have an idea? Contact us!

Transparency & Honesty

We believe in ourselves and give our best every day. Of course, we are not perfect, but we are willing to learn. Do you have feedback, ideas, suggestions? Let us know!

Do you want to get to know more about our Story?

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