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The 10 best longboarding surfspots in Europe

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Europe has an incredible diversity to offer. Not only concerning the food, the culture and the history but also the big range of diverse surf spots. From big wave spots like Nazaré, to tubes like Supertubos and fast beachbreaks - you can find any kind of wave in Europe. Since a few years increasingly more longboards can be spotted at Europe's coast. The boards that always have an air of retro-surf about them are returning.

And rightly so, Europe has a few first-class longboarding surfspots to offer. A selection of the finest we have collected for you in this post. Time to get the single fins out and go on an expedition along Europe's coast.


Surfing in Ferrol Galicia, picture by Sieve Fins
Ferrol Galicia

1.Galicia Spain

I immediately fell in love with Galicia on my first visit. It’s rugged coastline, green hills and beautiful beaches making it impossible to not. Galicia has lots of space and while there may not be the same guarantee of sunshine that you might get in Portugal, less crowds and the vast range of surf spots make up for it.

The ’center’ of longboarding spots in Galicia can probably be found around Ferrol. Where the yearly Ferrolog festival is held in summer. You’ll find lots of spots and coves perfectly sheltered depending on wind and swell direction. The north Atlantic generates a great range of all different waves making sure that sooner or later you’ll find a perfect peeler.

2. Somo Beach, Loredo Spain

Somo Beach in Loredo definitely is more ‘urban’ than Galicia. With camping places, bars, shops and a skatepark nearby, you’ll find anything you need. The beach itself stretches out for three miles. Somo or Loredo Beach is a beachbreak ideal for longboarding and delivering small-to-medium waves through summer.


Longboarder surfing a wave in Peniche, Portugal
Peniche, Portugal

3. Ribeira d’Ilhas, Ericeira

Having spent a fair amount of time in this little fishing village and world renowned surfing spot, we are most likely a bit biased when it comes to Ericeira. Nevertheless, the most famous wave ‘Ribeira d’Ilhas’ should be on any surfers Europe bucket list. It is a consistent right that can have you surfing from the ride sight of the bay all the way to the left. Just be aware of the sea-urchins (and the crowds!)

4. Baleal Peniche

Only a 40 minute drive from Ericeira lies another of Portugal’s most popular surfing areas. Peniche with its many different beaches and bays offers a wave for every level and swell / wind direction. The wind blows onshore? Not a problem, just move to the opposite side oft he Bay (Baleal) and you will find off-shore conditions. Baleal offers a wide range of waves for longboarders. Especially the right side of the bay can deliver clean, perfect peelers that will keep you dreaming for a long time.

5. Espinho Portugal

Espinho is in the north of Portugal and home to the WSL Longboard Tour. The last WSL Longboard event was held when Espinho was firing. Being a beachbreak with average waves on a small day, it becomes heavy when the swell arrives. In front of the casino the ‘Casino Right’ breaks, a long righthander and one of the best waves in the north of Portugal.


Surfing in Lafitenia France picture taken by Sievefins
Lafitenia, France

6. Lafiténia France

While the French coast is known for its beach breaks, Lafitenia is one of the few point breaks that you can find. Offering a great righthand point break, Lafiténia is rarely found uncrowded. However, the long mellow rides might be worth the hustle. For natural footers this is a right-handers paradise with a few more good options near-by.

7. Grande Plage Biarritz

Biarritz is probably the most known city in France when it comes to surfing. And its Grande Plage is famous for being one of the best beaches for longboarding in Europe. A number of sandbanks along the beach create great, cruisy longboard waves. But as with any popular and known spot – you won’t be the only one searching for the 'parfaite' wave.

Great Britain

Bild von Nick Fewings

8. Fistral Beach Newquay, England

Newquay is a popular region in England which does not need much explanation considering the wide choice of beaches and the consistent surf. However, the ‘star’ of the beaches is Fistral Beach. Fistral is famous for its contrasting conditions that change with the tides. While being a shortboarder’s dream at low tide with hollow waves and occasional barrels, it turns into a great longboarding spot with more water and slow waves beautifully peeling in.

9. Saunton Sand, Devon, UK

If you want to go exploring with your longboard in the UK, this spot has to be on your list. It’s a mellow wave, perfect for those looking to hang five (or ten) and known as one oft he best longboarding waves in the UK.


10. Inch Reef, County Kerry, Ireland

There are these spots that rarely ever work but when they do – oh boy. Inch is one of these spots that, when the conditions are right, can deliver rides of up to 400 meters. But beware of a strong rip and difficult entry and exit. So this one is a spot for the patient ones. However, the beach being 3km-long offers also offers some mellow beach breaks. Inch lies along the Wild Atlantic Way which winds along some of the best surf spots in Ireland.

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